The Ministry

The mission of the Ministry of Culture is to develop cultural policy directed at the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage, and to support the creation of artistic works and the development of artistic practices. In this capacity, it bears in mind the principles of subsidiarity, funding and conventions. It regularly calls for projects in the area of artistic creation, international exchange and networking, and coordinates artist-in-residency programs.

It contributes, together with its public cultural institutions, to safeguard Luxembourg's collective memory through research and promotion of the different works. It encourages important cultural initiatives, developing links between cultural policies of the public institutions and local entities.

The ministry of Culture is concerned with open cultural dialogue and exchange and it organises on a regular basis discussion platforms with all the actors of the Luxembourg cultural life.

The Ministry of Culture is also concerned with cultural diplomacy and it contributes to the cultural activity outside Luxembourg and supports cultural activities of the Luxembourg embassies abroad. It has so far concluded many cultural agreements with foreign countries. 

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