Support for the cultural sector

Culture is an essential element for a democratic, modern, open, tolerant and supportive society.

In order to guarantee democratic access to culture, the State provides the public with a number of cultural institutions, both institutionalized and under contract, with the aim of offering an adequate cultural offer that meets the cultural needs of the various categories of our population.

Similarly, a main objective is to create the best framework conditions for artists and creative people to carry out their activities, to develop their creative potential and to realize their works in complete freedom and to enhance their own expression of life in society.

With this in mind, the state has put in place a range of measures and mechanisms to promote the knowledge society, the preservation of our memory, the support and mobility of artists and creators both nationally and internationally, local support for certain cultural projects and cultural training.

The Ministry of Culture can grant aid in the fields of mainly plastic arts, dance, literature, music, heritage, theatre and socio-cultural activities.

The Ministry's support can take several forms and varies according to the nature of the request.

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